Wednesday, March 31, 2004


I haven't had much time to "blog" these days; I have been working on my music lately, among other things (a few of my strange creations can be found here...please excuse my drum programming; I am primarily a guitarist, y'know!)

Sunday, March 07, 2004


What's holding back privatization? Fear clearly has a lot to do with it. Irrational fears have their negative impact, but among them, the fear of profit is the most underestimated. This fear, which seems to derive from an ignorance of capitalism, is a powerful currency, especially for non-profit groups.

It seems that the fear of profit has paralyzed the privatization of insurance. As Sowell observes, "Insurance companies are in the business of reducing given risks and transferring them, for a price. Non-profit advocacy groups are in the business of maximizing fears from given risks, in order to attract the donations that keep them going. Yet because the latter's income is not called by the dreaded word "profit," they are considered to be doing something more noble." Some of these "advocacy" groups use this fear to "improve" insurance (a product designed to alleviate fear), and end up only destroying the concept of insurance, only leading to more...fear.

Though an irrational fear of the word "profit" exists when it comes to products like insurance, Stephen A. Moses notes where the real concern should lie: "When politicians, bureaucrats, or "advocates" of one kind or another try to achieve welfare goals through private insurance—when they try to "improve" on private insurance with mandates, controls, or regulations—all sorts of unforeseen and unintended consequences follow."

Rational fears may require insurance; irrational fears, however, seem to require facing the simple facts: Some people believe in limited government as a principle. Others see limited government as simply a fact -- that there are only a limited number of things that government can do more effectively than individuals or other organizations can do--Sowell.

(While on this subject, I've noticed that KL has some wonderful insights into fear, and so does Donald Hagen, with question 116 on this funny political quiz)
Geometric fun

I have been so busy lately, but have always found time to play with triangles!

Compassion Abuse Watch: Populists

I am so glad that John Edwards dropped out of the race and will not be the next president of the United States. Why? Because he "cares" about me.

Love in an Elevator?

With a blog with a name like mine, I think it's time I list my ten favorite instrumental "smooth" jazz singles!

Breezin - George Benson
You Make Me Smile - Diave Koz
Whenever I See You - Braxton Brothers
One Arabian Knight - Brian Tarquin
The Wave - Kirk Whalum
Autumn Day - Peter White
The Way to You - Nelson Rangell
Secrets Told - Kim Waters
Shelbi - Paul Hardcastle
Can't Hide Love - Wayman Tisdale

Cobain Underworld, Corgan Overworld

Ten favorites:

Dive (Nirvana)
Subterranean Homesick Alien (Radiohead)
Evidence (Faith No More)
Achilles Last Stand (Led Zeppelin)
Yours Is No Disgrace (Yes)
Zoo Station (U2)
Peg (Steely Dan)
A Farewell to Kings (Rush)
Metropolis (Dream Theater)
Hummer (Smashing Pumpkins)

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