Thursday, April 29, 2004

Time for an exit!...

One of my more recent sound creations, Space Exits, attempts an Indo/Western theme (hey, at least that's what I hand in mind!).

(Due to time considerations, I will have to make this the last entry on this blog; life seems to get busier with each passing day (it's a good kind of busy, though...) Well, it was fun while it lasted!)

Saturday, April 10, 2004

The Original Fountain-head?

According to Chris Satullo of The Philadelphia Inquirer,

Shiva [when regarded as the Supreme Spirit mentioned in Hindu treatises] emodies a central paradox of life: To create the new, you must destroy the old. To create fire, you must destroy wood. To make oil, animals must die. For the automobile to prevail, blacksmiths must suffer. For Bill Gates to rise, the typewriter repairman must fall. So free-market capitalism is Shiva...it is what it is, at once creative and destructive...but it is not a zero-sum game either...as free-market capitalism does its Tandava dance, it leaves behind more wealth and more health for more people.

...US politicians fail to see the larger picture and root for protectionist measures...that is where a training in Hindu philosophy helps.

Well, that's a perspective we don't hear every day.

Nature, and stuff

We command what we obey
To create what we destroy
Out of which our life is torn
Is of that which we are born
But I find a solace high
For in between is Time
Preserving all our kind
Viakuntha on my mind

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