Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crap (aka, Don't Turd On Me!)

For all who support the noxious, obnoxious garbage known as Obamacare…for all who support the expansion of the insolent entitlement culture that it will bring…for those who find strength in weakness…for those who wish to denigrate my profession and livelihood with this juggernaut of slime: Should I do as I'm told? Should I go where I'm sold? Should I have to be sacrificed in this or any manner? Should I continue to give till it hurts, till it bleeds, till it sucks me dry, and give it to anyone and everyone who has or will have nothing to do with me…because it is "just", "kind", or "right"? No. I have to, want to, must live a life…free. Your relative morality is not my absolute. Your opinions end where mine begin. But how will the new America begin? Some are good with words. Some are good with swords. I've always preferred a quiet, patient intolerance. A Gandhian resistance. But I had a dream…that I can be more than a silent, screaming machine. I must breathe while I seethe. I must fight the lies, which are only as strong as they are accepted or believed. I must channel a rational energy. I must…I must…I don't know. I'm hearing the old Rajput echoes…the glory of standing strong for the land I believe in. In the end, I will not be an altruistic black hole. I will not drown in a collective sea. And, most of all, I will not be society's ostomy bag. When you're pushed to the brink of stink, and it's starting to sink…it's time to save this ship from the same old shit!

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